Bel Fuse 0678x Series Surface Mount Fuses

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02 August 2018

Bel Fuse 0678x Surface Mount Fuses feature two different type of fuses fast blow fuse and enhanced-breaking capability brick fuse. These 0678x surface mount fuses operate from 500mA to 5A for 0678D fuse and 500mA to 40A for the 0678H fuse. The 0678x fuses are compatible with 260ºC, IR Pb-free solder process. These SMT fuses are constructed in 3912 case size and are ceramic tube/end cap. Applications include voltage regulator module, PC server, office electronic equipment, power supply, industrial, medical, and mass storage systems.


- 0678H fuses

     - Offer enhanced breaking capability

     - Current rating from 500mA to 5A

     - Surface mount high current fuse

- 0678D fuses

     - Fast blow fuses

     - Current rating from 500mA to 40A

     - Wide operating temperature from -55°C to 125°C

     - Surface mount high breaking capacity (350V AC/125V DC)

- Compatible with 260°C flow

- RoHS compliant with exemption 7a and halogen-free

- Tape and reel for auto-start insert process

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