Bel Fuse SMT & Radial Lead PTC Resettable Fuses

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26 October 2018

Bel Fuse SMT and Radial Lead PTC (positive temperature coefficient) Resettable Fuses offer circuit protection, with an added resettable feature, in low profile SMT packages or traditional radial lead packages. Similar to Bel's extensive line of traditional fuse products, these resettable fuses protect against harmful overcurrent and short circuit conditions.

The PTC devices can also be used to protect against over temperature conditions that are not necessarily caused by excessive current. The Bel SMT PTC Resettable Fuses will reset after power to the circuit is removed, the fault is cleared, and power is reapplied to the circuit. This reset-ability protects electronic equipment, which remains fully functional, and eliminates the need for service personnel to physically replace a fuse.

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