CS14 - ACP’s Carbon Eendles Sensor in 14mm

Picture for category CS14 - ACP’s Carbon Eendles Sensor in 14mm

12 September 2017

14mm rotary position sensor with 360º mechanical rotation angle (Electrical 330º) and up to 1.000.000 cycles of mechanical life.

The CS14 can be manufactured in a wide range of possibilities regarding: 
- resistance value, tolerance and tapers, 
- click effect (up to 50 detents), featuring ACP’s patented detent mechanism, 
- positioning of the wiper, housing and rotor color.

Standard taper is linear, featuring upon request absolute linearity up to 2%. ACP can study other special tapers (even cut tracks, step curves with areas of constant value, etc)

Through-hole configuration is available; for SMD version, please, enquire. Terminals for through-hole models can be provided straight or crimped, which helps hold the component to the PCB during soldering.