Littelfuse SJ Series SCR Switching Thyristors

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25 May 2018

Littelfuse SJ Series SCR Switching Thyristors offer designers a wider operating margin than earlier SCRs, making it possible to tolerate insufficient cooling and higher inrush currents at startup. This Littelfuse SCR thyristor series provides a wider operating margin in existing designs and allows smaller heat sinks in new designs. The SJ Series features a robust clip-attach package design that withstands high surges in a choice of five package types. Littlefuse SJ series offers a high junction temperature (TJ) of 150°C, blocking voltage (VDRM) up to 600V, and current ratings from 4A up to 40A. These tyhristors offer a gate trigger current (IGT) of 0.2mA in sensitive gate SCR and between 6mA and 40mA in standard gate SCR.


- High junction temperature (TJ) of 150°C

- Wide package selection: TO-252, TO-251, TO-263, TO-220AB, and internally isolated TO-220 Iso

- High surge capability of clip-attach package design

- Up to 600V blocking voltage

- 4A up to 40A current rating

- High di/dt capability

- Wider operating margin in existing designs, smaller heat sinks in new designs

- Simplifies selecting the best package for the application

- Tolerates high inrush current and harsh operating conditions

- Enables higher voltage output in capacitor discharge applications

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