Maxim Integrated MAX32650 Evaluation Kit

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02 May 2018

Maxim Integrated MAX32650 Evaluation Kit evaluates the MAX32650 ultralow power memoryscalable microcontroller capabilities. The MAX32650 is specifically designed for high-performance battery powered applications. The MAX32652 kit contains a MAX32650 with a preprogrammed demo, JTAG debugger with ribbon cable, and two standard A to Micro B USB cables.


-3.5" 320x240 Color TFT Display

-64MB HyperRAM

-64MB XIP Flash


-USB 2.0 Micro B Interface

-USB 2.0 Micro B to Serial UARTs

-Selection with Jumpers Between UART0 and UART2

-Micro SD Card Interface

-Select GPIOs Accessed through 0.1in Header

-Access to the Four Analog Input Through 0.1in Header

-Arm or SWD JTAG 20-Pin Header

-On-Board PMIC to Source Power for the MAX32650

-Board Power Provided by Either USB Port

-Individual Power Measurement on All IC Rails Through Jumpers

-On-Board 1.8V and 3.3V Regulators for Peripherals

-Two General-Purpose LEDs and Two General-Purpose Pushbutton Switches