Molex 1.5V & 3V Thin-Film Batteries

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16 January 2019

Molex 1.5V and 3V Thin-Film Batteries are low-profile, flexible, and disposable batteries with a small footprint designed for low-power single-use applications. The vertical construction reduces the footprint compared to other printed batteries and leads to lower internal resistance and improved performance. These thin-film batteries can be applied in a curved surface with a bend radius of 25mm or greater. The 1.5V and 3V batteries support design flexibility appropriate for a wide variety of products. These batteries are available in 1.5V and 3V configurations and reduce the distance between anode and cathode.

The 1.5V and 3V batteries operate at -35°C to 50°C temperature range. These batteries are designed for low-power single-use applications such as wearable electronics, biometric monitoring devices, biosensors, smart labels, and environmental sensors. Applications also include industrial and IoT, consumer, and medical.


  • Thin and flexible form factor
  • Flexible and bendable
  • Available in 1.5V and 3V configurations
  • Reduced distance between anode and cathode
  • No heavy metals
  • Primary cell battery type


  • Greater than 25mm bending radius
  • -35°C to 50°C operating temperature range
  • 20% to 90% operating humidity
  • Up to 90mAh charge capacity

You can check out our 1.5V battery product here and 3V battery product here.