NXP MRF1K50H 1500W RF Power Transistor

Picture for category NXP MRF1K50H 1500W RF Power Transistor

13 December 2018

NXP MRF1K50H 1500W RF Power Transistor combines the highest RF output power with superior ruggedness and thermal performance. The transistor is designed to deliver 1.50kW CW at 50V and reduces the number of transistors in high-power RF amplifiers. MRF1K50H has an unmatched input and output design allows for wide frequency range use from 1.8 to 500MHz. Applications include laser and plasma sources to particle accelerators, industrial welding machines, radio and VHF TV broadcast transmitters, and amateur radio linear amplifiers.


  • High Drain-source Avalanche Energy Absorption Capability
  • Unmatched Input and Output Allowing Wide Frequency Range Utilization
  • Device Can Be Used Single-Ended or in a Push-Pull Configuration
  • Characterized from 30 to 50V for Ease of Use
  • Suitable for Linear Application
  • Integrated ESD Protection with Greater Negative Gate-Source Voltage Range for Improved Class C Operation
  • RoHS Compliant

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