Ohmite TEH140 Heatsinkable Resistor

Picture for category Ohmite TEH140 Heatsinkable Resistor

13 December 2018

Ohmite TEH140 Heatsinkable Resistor features special thermal considerations that produce 140W of power dissipation when properly heatsinked. This resistor has a wide 10mΩ to 510kΩ resistance range and a small, thin shape that provides for the high density design of power electronics. Ohmite TEH140 Heatsinkable Resistor has use in power electronics, rail traction, wind turbine, and gate control applications. 


  •         140W high power resistor in TO-247 molded package
  •         Only 0.9°C/W heat resistance between resistor and flange for excellent cooling
  •         Wide 10mΩ to 510kΩ resistance range, non-inductive design fit for high frequency circuit and wide band amplifiers
  •         Small size and thin shape provides for high density design of power electronics
  •         Complete thermal conduction and heat dissipation design will be available

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