RAFI LUMOTAST 16 Illuminated Pushbutton Switches

Picture for category RAFI LUMOTAST 16 Illuminated Pushbutton Switches

05 September 2018

RAFI LUMOTAST 16 Illuminated Pushbutton Switches are built-in tactile switches that offer crisp feedback with first-class switching behavior through full area illumination. These pushbuttons consist of gold type material contact with the round collar structure. The LUMOTAST 16 push buttons are very compact, space-saving with IP65 degree of protection, and feature a flat front end design. These pushbutton switches have an operating life of up to 500000 switching operations.

The LUMOTAST 16 pushbutton switches acquire flexible simple labeling options with 16.2mm standardized mounting hole diameter and 18mm mounting depth. These LUMOTAST 16 pushbutton switches operate at -25° to 70°C temperature range and 0.02V to 32V voltage rating. The LUMOTAST 16 pushbuttons are readily applicable to wide range of industrial uses and applications.


- 18mm mounting depth 

- 16.2mm standardized mounting hole diameter 

- Product range with a wide variety of possible applications and uses in industry

- Very compact and flat design from the front

- Flexible and simple labeling options

- Pushbuttons with a crisp feel

- IP65/67 degree of protection

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