ROHM Semiconductor 64kbit 8k x 8-bit FeRAM

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08 November 2018

ROHM Semiconductor 64kbit 8k x 8-bit FeRAM memories are nonvolatile Ferroelectric Random Access Memory (FeRAM) developed in the ferroelectric process and silicon-gate CMOS technology. The MR44V064B FeRAM is accessed using two-wire serial interface (I2C Bus) and MR45V064B FeRAM using serial peripheral interface. These FeRAM devices eliminate battery backup required to hold data as cells are nonvolatile. The FeRAM memories offer no mechanisms of erasing and programming memory cells and blocks, as those used for various EEPROMs.


- 8192-word x 8-bit configuration I2C bus interface

- A single 3.3V typical (1.8V to 3.6V) power supply

- Operating frequency:

- 3.4MHz (maximum) HS-mode and 1MHz (maximum) F/S-mode Plus for MR44V064B

- 40MHz for M45V064B

- Read/write tolerance 1012 cycles/bit

- Data retention 10 years

- Package options:

- 8-pin plastic SOP (P-SOP8-200-1.27-T2K)

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