Taiyo Yuden Co. Ltd. ES Series Fixed Inductors

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18 June 2018

Taiyo Yuden ES Series Fixed Inductors provide high current ratings in a larger footprint SMD package. The shielded, Grade 1 AEC-Q200 power inductors measure 10.1x10x6mm (LxWxH) and feature inductance values ranging from 1 to 470µH. The RoHS and REACH compliant ES series provides max DC resistances from 4.5 to 458mΩ and can operate in -55 to 150°C temperatures. With tolerances of 20 and 30% (model dependant) and saturation currents spanning 0.75 to 15A, these robust Taiyo Yuden inductors are ideal for automotive, industrial, and high-reliability applications.


- AEC-Q200 qualified

- -55 to 150°C operating temperature

- 10.1x10x6mm (LxWxH) size

- SMD / SMT mounting style

- 100 kHz test frequency

- 20 / 30% tolerance

- RoHS compliant

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