Toshiba TB622x Bipolar Stepping Motor Drivers

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06 July 2018

Toshiba TB622x Bipolar Stepping Motor Drivers are two-phase bipolar devices that use a PWM chopper. These stepping motor drivers are fabricated with the Bipolar CMOS DMOS (BiCD) process and are rated at 40V/1.8A. The on-chip voltage regulator controls the stepping motor with a single VMpower supply. The TB62208FG drivers provide clock input control and allow 2-phase and 1-2 phase excitation. The TB62269FTAG drivers allow full, half, quarter, 1/8,1/6, and 1/32 step resolutions. The TB622x drivers also feature Thermal Shutdown (TSD), Over-Current Shutdown (ISD), and Power-On Reset (PORs) for VMR and VCCR.


- Bipolar stepping motor driver

- Fabricated with BiCD process

- PWM controlled constant-current drive

- Low on-resistance of output stage

- 40V/1.8A rated high voltage and current

- Thermal Shutdown (TSD)

- Over-Current Shutdown (ISD)

- Power-On Reset (POR)

- Built-in voltage regulator

- 24VM (typical) motor supply voltage

- 100kHz (typical) chopper frequency

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