Vishay Intertechnology, Inc. TSOPx InfraRed Receivers

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28 May 2018

Vishay TSOPx IR Receivers are next-generation miniature IR receiver modules for IR remote control applications. These TSOPx receivers deliver both improved dark-ambient and disturbed-ambient sensitivity to infrared signals, as well as better suppression of RF noise. The TSOPx IR receivers contain a PIN diode and a preamplifier assembled on a lead frame. These IR receivers are designed to receive long burst codes which include 10 or more carrier cycles per burst. The TSOPx receivers third digit designates the AGC and last two digits designate the band-pass frequency. These receivers AGC2 provides basic noise suppression, AGC4 provides enhanced noise suppression and AGC6 provides maximized noise suppression. The TSOPx IR receivers come in 3 package types mold, minimold, and minicast. These TSOPx receivers operate at 2.5V to 5.5V supply voltage and low supply current. The TSOPx devices excellent pulse-width accuracy makes them suitable for codes demanding even the tightest pulse-width specifications, such as SIRCS and RCMM.


- Improved dark sensitivity

- Improved immunity against optical noise

- Improved immunity against Wi-Fi noise

- Provide improved sensitivity and noise suppression

- Low supply current

- Photodetector and preamplifier in one package

- Internal filter for PCM frequency

- 2.5V to 5.5V supply voltage

- Insensitive to supply voltage ripple and noise