Welwyn / TT Electronics MFC Series Chip Resistors

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14 May 2018

Welwyn / TT Electronics MFC Series Chip Resistors are the metal foil on ceramic chip resistors in 0603 sizes. The resistance range of these resistors is 5 to 20mΩ. The MFC series resistors provide high power rating of 500mW. This high power rating makes these resistors ideal for highly compact current sensing in the 1 to 10A range. The MFC series resistors are ideal for industrial and medical segments of the market. Applications of the MFC series resistors include power supplies, DC-DC converters, and lighting drivers.


     - High power 500mW

     - Compact size 0603

     - Values R005 to R02 at 1% tolerance

     - Low-temperature rise

- Current sensing for power electronics

- High power density

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