Welcome to Megasan,

As a Company which has been dealing in Electronic components since 1997, Megasan has come along todate hand in hand with you, for whom we have been following the devlopments in Global technology.

Our Vision

To be a reputed and trustworthy international distributor in the sector of Electronics both in Turkey and in neighbouring countries.

Our Mission

To be a value creating Company for our employees, shareholders and customers as the prime choice with the trust we provide and elevated work ethics we posses, by providing products, solutions, engineering services before and after sales in the sector of electronic components.

Our Values

  • Customers are our benefactors.
  • We continuesly renew ourselves with our employees and aim for the best
  • Our prioritry is to establish trust with our customers.
  • Our difference is our quickness and quality.
  • We provide the best service to our customers with innovative solutions
  • We are a Professional family with our customers, suppliers and employees.
  • We pay importance to social responsibility projects

Our Quality Policy

Our Company has defined the following as its policy,

  • To documentize, follow and continousely improve our quality control system inorder to meet the requirements of ISO 9001.,
  • To work hard in order to hold the service quality which we have guaraneed to the customers,
  • To be a trustworthy and Pioneer Company that would be finger pointed in the sector by the customer
  • To provide education to employees that would improve competency in the direction of high consciousness, as planned to establish by the Company. ,
  • To become a leading player of an emerging structure together with our customers and suppliers,
  • To follow and apply innovations in order to elevate productivity to competent levels,
  • - To become a formation that ensures values both to the Nation and Society adhering to the belief and culture of the region we live