Abracon ANFCA 13.56MHz Flexible Ferrite Antennas

Picture for category Abracon ANFCA 13.56MHz Flexible Ferrite Antennas

09 November 2018

Abracon ANFCA 13.56MHz Flexible Ferrite Antennas are very thin flexible NFC antennas built-up from four bonded layers [adhesive tape, a flexible printed circuit (FPC), PET tape, and a ferrite sheet]. The bonded layers provide a total thickness of 120µm to 240µm providing flexibility. NFC antennas are able to operate as a one-way or bi-directional communication device. The ANFCA antennas offer three modes of operation (NFC Reader/Writer Mode, NFC Peer-to-Peer Mode, and NFC Card Emulation Mode). With an operating frequency of 13.56MHz, the components feature a large wavelength of around 22 meters. The antenna is on the FPC as a square-shaped coil that has an inductance range of 1.2µH to 2.7µH.


- Ultra-thin flexible antenna structure

- Peel and Stick antenna design

- Ferrite backed design that optimizes magnetic fields, increasing the resultant field strength of the antenna

- Wide operating temperature range: -40°C to +85°C

- Matched to leading NFC controller ICs

- Wide range of sizes and shapes to meet different application designs

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