Amphenol JI & JIC Series NTC Thermistors

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07 May 2018

Amphenol JI and JIC NTC Thermistors are waterproof IP68 temperature sensors which are molded onto a flexible circular cable. These thermistors tip and outer cable insulation material are designed with thermoplastic elastomer rubber. Features wire length from 300mm to 5000mm and withstands freeze/thaw cycling. The JI & JIC thermistors are used in ventilation, refrigeration, heat pumps, and weather stations. These NTC thermistors operate at a range of -50ºC to 105ºC.


- Waterproof to IP68

- Withstands freeze/thaw cycling

- Range of wire lengths 300mm to 5000mm

- Halogen free cable

- Sensor tip and extension cable molded together as one hot vulcanized unit

- RoHS compliant


- Ventilation

- Refrigeration

- Heat pumps

- Water heaters

- Under-floor heating

- Fish tanks

- Evaporators

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