Diodes Incorporated AP7330 LDO Regulators

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03 May 2018

Diodes Incorporated AP7330 LDO (Low Drop-Out) Regulators offer high output voltage accuracy, high Power Supply Rejection Ratio (PSRR), low RDS(ON), and low output noise. These LDO regulators are based on a CMOS process and guarantee an output current of 300mA. The AP7330 LDO regulators include a voltage reference, error amplifier, current limit circuit and an enable input for ON/OFF switching. These regulators feature a SOT25 package allowing for a small footprint and a dense PCB layout. The AP7330 LDO regulators are well-suited for handheld communication equipment due to their low power consumption and transient responses.


-High output voltage accuracy

-Low RDS(ON)

-High PSRR (Power Supply Rejection Ratio)

-Low output noise

-Low input voltage

-Low quiescent current


-1.8V to 5.5V wide input voltage range

-1.0V to 4.5V output voltage range

-300mA output current

-±1% output voltage accuracy

-80dB ripple rejection at 1kHz

-Low output noise of 60µVrms from 10Hz to 100kHz

-Low quiescent current of 45µA

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