Frequently Asked Questions


How can I gain membership?
Ones you enter your Email address and a password after clicking the ‘Membership’ button, you become a member of, when you receive the activation link sent to your email. .
Points to consider when you place an Order
You need to be sure about the address you mention, so that your order should reach you on time and completely.
How can I place an order?
You first need to enter with your membership account, and follow the below steps.
1.Add your products in to the Cart.
2Check out for product details in ‘My Cart’ page, update if necessary .
3.Click the ‘Complete Shopping’ button in order to make payment.
4.Select your address to deliver. You can also enter a different address to deliver by clicking ‘add new Address.
5.Select Transport method
6.You complete your order by clicking ‘end purchasing’
When will I get my Order delivered?
Every product you placed as stock will reach you maximum within 2 working days.
How can I inquire about my Order?
You can check for your order status either by logging in through ‘My Account’ menu and clicking ‘follow Order’, or else you can reach us directly by dialing 0212 293 59 00.


Which courier companies carry my Order?
MEGASAN works with ARAS, Yurtiçi and Sürat courier companies
Your order will be dispatched with the company you select
I need my Order and the invoice be sent to different addresses.
Ones you complete your shopping and go to your cart, following the ‘Cart’, enter your delivery and invoice address therein.
What am I supposed to do if the products I cancelled ordering are already dispatched?
Cancelling an order cannot be facilitated whilst the order is in packaging process. In this situation you can either demand for the dispatching to be cancelled or return the product/s ones it reaches you.
What is your local cargo charge?
Cargo charge is free for every order above $45 that you make in our website. For orders below $45, the cargo charge varies according to the courier companies.

Cancelling an Order

How can I cancel my order?
It’s sufficient to mail via in order to cancel your order.
Can I cancel the orders made through ‘money order’ and not approved yet?
If you haven’t made any payment pertaining to your order, it will be cancelled automatically
Can you cancel one or few products that you ordered?
Yes, you can demand for the cancellation of any amount of products. .