Kalite Politikası - ISO 9001

We would like to start our word thanking you for the support that you have been showing us for years. Megasan which is a leader in Electronic component market today, feels proud in informing you that It will follow the newest Technologies and continue to present all kinds of innovations to Turkey and other countries in the region safe and sound.

The most ideal solutions to the market’ is our Company’s philosophy than just a slogan and we want you to know that, to have contact with the suppliers directly and speedily has made us one of the most effectively operating mechanisms. Megasan. which is in search for the best price and best quality, always by the assurance granted with the close relationship comprised of the producer giants and their main representatives in the market with us, will continue to be one of the significant powers in the upcoming years as well.

Megasan Electronics which was founded in 1997, is one of the leading Companies in the Middle East in its sector with its turnover, quantity, and range of products. As a Company formed and managed by expert Engineers, Megasan has its portfolio based on active, passive and electro mechanic components, all sales and marketing operations executed by experienced Engineers.

The company which produces solutions with high quality accompanied with best prices to the market, possesses a wide range of customer portfolio from the biggest to the smallest Manufacturers in the Europe. It’s also able to provide, either from free trade zone firms or directly from suppliers when it comes to international sales. As long as local customers are concerned, it can either directly provide them from the producers or either from its own stock, and demonstrate adaptation to all kinds of customer supply system.

Our aim is to carry the brand- Megasan, a step forward from where it is today, focusing on customer satisfaction, reliable product varieties, on time delivery and at reasonable prices. As a firm which highly prioritizes Quality in its management and operations, it has already entered into the era of Multimedia as one of the locomotives in the market.