Mail Order

What is a Mail Order?
It’s a system that facilitates payment with your credit card.

Why do we use Mail Order in our Website?
We reduce the consistent, frequent expenditure burden over our general expenses, caused by virtual POS System facilitated by Banks using Mail Orders. We use Mail Order so that we could present you customers with more attractive prices.

Is it secured enough to make payment via Mail Order?
Mail Order facilitates payment by credit card only after your approval. Payment cannot take place unless you approve in writing with signature. for this reason, Mail Order can be considered a secure payment method. The Payment Order signature that you made and the form which includes the curresponding date can be used only ones.

Who can have access to the Credit Card information in the Mail order form?
The only authorized party to have access to the information in the Mail order Form and make payment are the contracted banks of our Company. No operations are allowed apart from those which were signed and approved by yourself with the information found in Mail Order Form.

How will I make Payment using Mail Order?
A Mail Order Form prepared according to payment method and installment option will be sent for your approval via fax by our authorized person. Orelse you may download it to your Computer by clicking this link.
You would have completed the payment process ones you fill in the required area in the form, approve it and fax through 0212 293 59 03, along with other necessary documents as required by Banks in order to verify with personal identity.

What are the required Documents needed to verify personal identity during the payment process via Mail Order?
The Photocopies of both sides of the National/Personal Identity Card
The Photocopies of both sides of the Credit Card