RECOM Power RAC10-K/277 Series AC/DC Converters

Picture for category RECOM Power RAC10-K/277 Series AC/DC Converters

02 July 2018

RECOM Power RAC10-K/277 Series AC/DC Converters are designed to meet the latest requirements of IoT systems. The low cost 10W AC/DC converter series offers excellent efficiency over a wide load range with a stable output voltage. Features include an enhanced mains input range of 85Vac up to 305Vac and come with international safety certifications for both industrial and household standards, allowing for worldwide usage. The modules offer fully protected single or dual outputs as well as EMC class B compliance without the need of any external components. The RAC10-K/277 series are ideal for always-on and standby mode operations in process automation, IoT, and smart building applications.


- Wide input range 85Vac-305Vac

- Full load temperature range: -40°C to +65°C

- Ultra-high efficiency over entire load range

- No external components necessary

- International EMC compliant

- Lowest total cost of ownership

- 140% Peak Load Capability

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