Texas Instruments OPT3101 Evaluation Module

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04 January 2019

Texas Instruments OPT3101 Evaluation Module (EVM) is designed for evaluating the OPT3101 device. The OPT3101 sensors are high-speed, high-resolution analogue front end (AFE) for continuous-wave, time-of-flight (ToF)-based proximity sensing and range finding. This device integrates the complete depth processing pipeline that includes the analogue-to-digital converter (ADC), timing sequencer, and digital processing engine.


  • Evaluation module for ToF-based proximity sensing and range finding
  • Acquire data at up to 4ksps in an evaluation mode
  • USB-based power and PC application connectivity and USB-based firmware upgrade option
  • Access to device registers via easy-to-use GUI
  • Non-volatile memory in EVM that stores calibration data
  • Python™ script interface to interact/control device and analyze/plot data