Vishay Intertechnology, Inc. BZGx Series Zener Diodes

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11 June 2018

Vishay BZGx Series Zener Diodes are high-reliability diodes with uni-directional polarities. The BZGx zener diodes are configured in a single circuit and fit onto 5mm SMD footpads. These zener diodes operate at a voltage range 3.3V to 270V and also features wave and reflow solderable. The BZGx diodes are housed in SMA (DO-214AC) package and indicated by base P/N-M3 which is commercial grade and P/NHM3 which is AEC-Q101 qualified. These zener diodes are ideal for voltage stabilization, protection from high voltage, and high energy transients.


- 3.3V to 270V voltage range

- High reliability

- 40W to 300W PPPM

- Fits onto 5mm SMD footpads

- Wave and reflow solderable

- Single circuit configuration

- Uni-directional polarities

- -65°C to 150°C storage temperature range

- 150°C junction temperature

- AEC-Q101 qualified available

- Base P/N-M3 - halogen-free, RoHS-compliant, and commercial grade

- Base P/NHM3 - halogen-free, RoHS-compliant, and AEC-Q101 qualified

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