Ohmite FST Series Thin Film Temperature Sensors

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07 June 2018

Ohmite FST Series Thin Film Temperature Sensors are designed to provide stable, cost-effective, and precise temperature measurement in various applications. These temperature sensors are designed such that the contact surfaces are positioned on the side with the active measuring layer and in position for face-down mounting. These thin film temperature sensors have a temperature range of -50ºC to +170ºC and a temperature coefficient of 3850ppm/K. These FST series thin film temperature sensors use conductive adhesives to provide cost-effective and reliable connection to the circuit board. These sensors are available in B and 2B tolerance classes per DIN EN 60751 and both tolerance classes are available in three resistance levels.


- Long term stability

- -50ºC to +170ºC temperature range

- 3850ppm/K temperature coefficient

- 0.12% and 0.24% per DIN EN 60751 tolerance classes

- Flip chip design produces economical option

- Available in 100Ω, 500Ω, and 1000Ω for high resolution

- 0805 chip industry standard size

- Measuring current:

       - 0.3mA to 1.0mA for 100W

         - 0.1mA to 0.7mA for 500W

           - 0.1mA to 0.3mA for 1000W

        - Self heating:

           - 0.8K/mW at 0ºC

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