ROHM SLR-343 Series Circular LED Lamps

Picture for category ROHM SLR-343 Series Circular LED Lamps

21 December 2018

ROHM SLR-343 Series Circular LED Lamps lineup covers various types of LEDs including high-brightness/high-reliability lamps suitable for outdoor displays. They are standard LED type flat disc φ3 LED lamps. Typical applications include coin processing machines, portable data terminals, digital multimeters and motor control.


  • Package Type Flat: Disc
  • LED Type: Standard
  • Package size[mm]: φ3
  • Viewing angle 2θ1/2: 40
  • Lens color Diffused: Yellow, Yellowish-Green, Red, Green
  • Emitting color: Yellow
  • Dominant wave-length λD(Single)(Typ.)[nm]: 587

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